Manifesting, Mindset


To change your life, you MUST change your mind.  Control and directing your thoughts is everything. . If you think negatively, you attract negativity.  The moment I changed my mindset to abundance instead of scarcity, everything changed for me. An abundance mindset is not about wishing for what you want, it is about knowing that it is ALREADY yours and doing concrete action steps to get to it. 

I supercharged my manifestations by using the positivity energy of love, because love is the universe’s superpower.  It conquers all!

This may sound super wishy washy to you, but think about it. . If you have ever experienced grief, you know that it can cut you to your core. . It can destroy the person you thought you were and leave you feeling completely empty. And why do we grieve? 

We grieve because we loved something profoundly and deeply with every cell in our being, which means love permeates both the physical and the spiritual parts of ourselves. . What is more powerful than that?

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