Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  1. How will I support myself financially while living abroad? 

Never have we as Black women EVER been without hustle ability. We turn lemons into lemonade and garbage into gold. Simply put, WE GET SHIT DONE in the most phenomenal of ways. Making money abroad is no exception. With ingenuity and imagination, the possibilities are endless. 

Whether you choose to work for a corporation remotely, start an online business, or become a freelance writer or travel blogger, you have the freedom and flexibility to choose the path most suitable for you. That’s where I come in. The Jackie O. Method is all about strategically coaching you toward discovering what works best for you while identifying ways to diversify your streams of income along the way.  

What parts of the world interest you? How much income is required to comfortably live abroad? Which ventures will double, triple, or even quadruple your income??? I help you reach the answers you need to experience the life abroad that you want. 

                   2. Is living abroad dangerous?

Great question! I’ll counter that like so: How safe is being Black in America? Exactly. Point made. 

The reality is any place brings with it the possibility of danger. We have to use common sense and remain conscious of our environments. Before jumping to conclusions, it’s also worth considering that Black people aren’t the norm in some parts of the world. What we might be tempted to mistake as racism could be genuine curiosity. 

Like my aunt once told me, “Everyone – including you – is a product of their environment.” Okay, so I hate getting called Beyonce while traveling through Asia but, for them, Bey is Black America. And let’s be real; if you saw Beyonce, Jay-Z, and their kids while touring the Taj Mahal, you’d go ape shit too! I know I would.  

                     3. What is the difference between a digital nomad and an expat? 

A digital nomad’s work can typically be performed solely online, which allows them to live anywhere in the world. Take me for instance. My daughter and I have been in Guatemala for about 6 months. We usually reside in a “home” city for 6-12 months and use our location as the base for our mini-travels within the region. 

An expat is an individual who relocates to another country. If you moved to Paris, you would be a Black American expat living in France. 

                    4. How do I remain connected to Black American culture while abroad? 

Yo! We are literally EVERYWHERE!!! First and foremost, Black culture permeates the planet. From Hip Hop music to food and dance – everybody wants to be like us. There is no escaping the reach of the Black diaspora. 

Also to be noted is that you won’t be alone. There are Black digital nomads, expats, and retirees all over the globe. I spotted a gorgeous, mahogany-skinned Black woman dressed fully in traditional Guatemalan attire during my first month here. We struck up a “sista gurl” conversation, and I found out she decided over a decade ago to make Guatemala her home. No, she isn’t a blogger or YouTuber. She is a bold black woman who made the brave decision to live her best life abroad. 

One last thing and then we’ll move on. You ARE Black culture! Where you go, so goes the culture. You can never lose what’s in your DNA. 

                  5. How do I stay connected to family and friends while living abroad? 

Trust me; I understand your concerns about being away for extended periods of time. I have a mama who adores me, hella crazy family members who ride for me, and sister girlfriends who will love and protect me till eternity. So, yeah, I get it. But get this: Being able to work from anywhere is FREEDOM. Let that sink in. 

This is a beautifully liberating journey that grants you the time, space, and peace of mind to be fully present and show up for your friends and family. I didn’t have that luxury as a Silicon Valley executive working 12-hour days. Conversations with my mom were squeezed in wherever possible. By wherever possible, I mean at the end of the day when I was tired and there but not there.  

Now, my mom and I talk every single day, sometimes for hours at a time! We laugh and joke and live in the relationship that I always wanted but never had the energy to cultivate. The same goes for my tribe. We don’t converse daily but through the blessings of Whatsapp, Zoom, and FaceTime, our conversations are the richest they’ve ever been. Living abroad provides a quality of life unlike what has been previously experienced. 

               6. How will I make friends while living abroad? 

Everybody ain’t for you, BUT there will be plenty of people who are. As a 6 foot tall Black woman, I used to feel hella awkward in new places. With that and being selective about my circle, I’m constantly amazed by all the interesting and diverse people I connect with while living abroad.  

This way of life connects you with people who share your story. They may be traveling alone, with a partner, or maybe their children. Whatever the case may be, they are in search of new experiences and authentic connections. Be comfortable with putting yourself out there. Visit different places, take a class, try new foods – LIVE! When you radiate life, life will come back to you in the form of new friends. You’ll be surprised by the people you meet and the new passions that you discover. This I can guarantee! 

It is TIME.