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You deserve to thrive!

Black women are magical and our lives should be too! I'm a single mother who is living my best life. I've been traveling the world for the last 25 years!
I teach other Black women to live their dream lives both in the US and abroad. Are you open to learn?
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We Out: Leaving the Blah and Embracing a Life of Your Dreams Abroad

A 6-week course exclusively for Black women to successfully move abroad and/or travel full-time.
You're Magical! Your Life Should Be Too!

– Are you a Black woman yearning for a change?

-Are you looking to thrive?

-Are you seeking the freedom to live where you want and still earn an income?

-Do you want a life filled with adventure and new experiences?

-Are you ready to be OUT?


I used to be where you are:


⇒ Sick and tired of being sick and tired


⇒ Over the status quo 


⇒ Ready to make an exit from the rat race that is life in the United States.



When someone says you can’t leave your troubles behind, they haven’t lived life abroad because that’s exactly what I did.

What is a digital nomad?


A digital nomad, is someone who works remotely from foreign countries of their choice with the freedom to up and leave whenever they want to work.


Working in a small café across from

the Eiffel Tower

or overlooking the Pink Sea.

All the while making money and taking in the people, places and culture without a definite timeline.

This is my definition of paradise, and maybe it’s yours too.


Don’t pack your bags just yet!

I want to prepare you for success as a Black digital nomad so you can walk into your new life abroad with confidence and the tools to thrive.


⇒In this course, I equip you with everything I wish I had known before I started on my digital nomadic journey.

⇒Twice a week, we’ll meet as a group via Zoom and covers the following:


My 3Step Jackie O. Life Method 

Empowering you to move abroad or travel long term while making money doing a job you love!



✔ Removing limiting beliefs, changing your mindset, and manifesting the life of your dreams

✔Overcoming limiting beliefs and mindsets

✔Dealing with haters

✔The real about dating abroad while Black

✔Racism, colorism, and sexism beyond our borders….because yes, it’s everywhere.

✔Dealing with onlookers

✔Loving the skin you’re in

✔The legacy of colonialism and imperialism

✔Manifesting the life of your dreams

✔Getting through the hard days

✔Adjusting to culture shock

(2)Tactics, Tools, & Strategies from those who have done it

      1. ✔The financial factors you need to know before you are OUT!

✔The exact strategies, I’ve used to live and travel abroad for over 20 years to live my dreams

✔Generating income to fund your dream lifestyle while living abroad

✔Overcoming limiting beliefs and mindsets

✔Hair care

✔Which works for you: Expat vs Digital Nomad Life

✔Hotspots for expats and digital nomads

✔Must-have apps for expats and digital nomads

✔Best-fit locations based on your personality, interests, and aspirations

✔Visa requirements

✔Need to Knows: Health insurance & travel insurance

✔Housing options

✔Childcare 101

✔Voting in the U.S. while living abroad

✔Overall safety

✔Creating an ancestor table to draw strength from the women who paved the way of strength and tenacity for you


(3)Implementation & Action

    ✔YA BETTA DO ‘EM The
    milestones ARE THE MUSTS YOU NEED TO COMPLETE, before you peace out, so you aren’t MISERABLE after you move cause moving is about living the life of your dreams.

✔Developing a realistic game plan

✔The nitty-gritty of full-time life abroad

✔Creating an implementable exit strategy


Consider this a sneak peek. We’ll touch on so much more!

You’ll also gain unlimited access to me via email and an online community of fellow Black female digital nomads and/or expats that are either abroad or in the process of moving just like you!


As a full-time traveler and digital nomad, I know what it’s like to feel nervous about making such a significant lifestyle change, but you won’t go through it alone!


You’ve found your tribe and together we’ll lead you to a life filled with new experiences, adventure and freedom.


My expatriate lifestyle has allowed my daughter and I to eat, see and experience things that simply were not possible in the States.

Within the last few months alone,

-we’ve danced in Carnival in Colombia,

-rode the “Train to Nowhere,”
-Visited the point where the ocean meets the sea

This life could be yours, if you want it.

I’ve formulated a way to live abroad like a queen because you deserve nothing less.

Life is short, so live it fully.


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Still undecided?



Correct me if I’m wrong, but you’re not leaving the States to dive head-first into the same American-type shit show that you long to escape.


You are ready to live your best life abroad and We Out: Leaving the Blah and Embracing the Life of Your Dreams is your key to getting prepared! 


How much can I expect to pay?



The investment for the thriving abroad life that you desire is $1499.

***Note that payment plans are available. 


What is included in the cost?

✔Weekly lesson plans

✔2 x Week Group Zoom calls

✔A list of must-read picks to prepare for life abroad

✔Access to The Jackie O. Method private Facebook group

✔6 months of unlimited 1:1 coaching via email from Jackie O.


Bonus #1: One-hour of 1:1 coaching


In appreciation of your one-time FULL payment of $1499, you will receive an hour of coaching with me at absolutely NO additional cost! (Please note this option is not available to folks on the payment plan)


Value: $150


Bonus #2: Mornings that Matter e-book


I am a Yoruba woman who believes in the power of a strong ritual. We are connected to our ancestors and a higher power. I have created a detailed, highly-effective routine based on my spiritual heritage and modern research that will invigorate and energize your day when followed. Upon registering for We Out: Leaving the Blah and Embracing the Life of Your Dreams Abroad, you will receive this ebook as a gift.

What you will learn: 

  • ✔Morning exercises that increase flexibility, strength, and energy
  • ✔How and why affirmations should be used daily to attract your desired reality
  • ✔Best practices for meditating and visualizing your dreams
  • ✔How and why journaling plays a significant role in transforming your reality and helping you to become a digital nomad

Value: $50 


Bonus #3: Making Healthy Moves


Are you ready to supercharge your positive energy and manifesting vibration?!?! This 6-week diet and exercise program is guaranteed to rapidly change your mood and energy level in addition to getting you physically ready to take flight!

Value: $100 


Bonus #4: Printable Black Girl Magic Affirmations ebook


Print and stick these affirmations all over your walls! Be reminded daily of just how breathtakingly amazing you are. These powerfully intentional affirmations give you the much-needed pick-me-up to raise your energy, practice patience, and become totally rooted in the badassness needed to attract your dream digital nomad life. Sis, you are Black Girl Magic!

Value: $15 

Bonus #5: Printable 10-minute weekly Jumpstart Your Mornings Workout Schedule


Enjoy the convenience of these suited-for-anywhere workout routines that are sure to provide the boost of energy needed to get the most out of your day.

Value: $15 


Bonus #6: Meditation for Success & Abundance


This powerful and inspiration guided meditation will attract wealth, success, and travel into your life. Read it daily for the next 30 days and watch your life shift for the better. 

Value: $15 

Register NOW to receive these life-giving bonuses totaling over $300 for FREE!!! 

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Not sure where to start?

I got you, Sis!


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