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8 Must-Haves to Create the Ultimate Meditation Room Anywhere in the World

I’m black and abroad. I travel the world as a single Black mother thriving abroad.

I also have an extremely robust spiritual practice. I has allowed me not only to survive tough times but to thrive.

Both my younger sister and daughter died within in 6 months of each other. My hair started greying immediately. I experienced grief on levels very very humans can imagine or endure.

And every space, I enter, I create a mediation room or corner. This can be in a hotel, airbnb, ten, campervan.

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I also create a space where I can meditate and connect with a higher power, my ancestors. and spiritual guides.

Don’t get it twisted, people of the African diaspora are some of the most spiritual people in the world. For generations we have been connecting to nature, a higher power, our ancestors and spiritual guides.

We understand that we are apart of something so much bigger than ourselves in this world.

I’ve created this list of essential items that will help you create the ultimate mediation space no matter where in the world you may find yourself.

You don’t need everything on the list and many items you can source locally from whatever country you are in. I always buy my sage bundles from local farmers.

The most important thing is that your meditation space is safe and sacred to you. It should be a warm space that allows you to open up and connect with the infinite universe.

1. Sage

I cleanse all new spaces I plan on meditating or sleeping. This clears out negative energy and creates the space for a warm, loving and sacred space.

2. Essential Oils

After my cleansing process, I diffuse essential oils depending on my mood. If I want calm and relaxation, I use lavender, for clarity, I use Frankincense etc.


3. Journal

There is so much power to putting words to paper. It is one of the main reasons, white supremacists and slave owners forbad enslaved Africans from learning to read and write. It is powerful. I spend at least 15 minutes of my meditation time journaling.

4. Diffuser

I diffuse my essential oils in a diffuser and let the scent take over the room.

5. Crystals

I keep crystals in my meditation space. I keep them close to my body. Holding crystals or placing them on your body promotes physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

6. Meditation Blanket

I use my meditation blanket many ways. Sometimes I put it on the floor to give myself extra support. Other times I wrap myself in it when I’m feeling chilly or vulnerable.

7. Singing Bowls

Singing bowls are a staple in spiritual practices. They typically are used to mark the beginning and end of your meditation practice.

I use them at the beginning of my practice as I am calling out the names of my ancestors and indicating my willingness to receive their wisdom and advice.

8. Mala beads

A mala is a string of 108 beads with one bead as the head bead called a ‘sumeru.’ Malas are used as a tool to help the mind focus on meditation, or count mantras in sets of 108 repetitions.

The mala is traditionally held in the right hand and used in two ways; in one method, the mala is hanging between the thumb and the ring finger. The second finger is used to rotate the mala by one bead toward oneself with each repetition of breath or mantra. In the other method, the mala is hanging on the middle finger, with the thumb used to rotate the mala just as explained; one bead at a time. Either way, the index finger is never used to touch the mala. (The index finger represents ego, seen as the greatest impediment to self-realization in ancient Hinduism). The practice begins at the summit or head bead and continues around the loop until the head bead is reached again.