I recently visited San Francisco and had the opportunity to check out this cool spot off of market street.  It is not a place I would typically visit because it is in the heart of the tourist area and as a former San Franciscan, I avoid the spots where tourists gather like a plague.

Ippudo is located on 18 Yerba Buena Ln.  It is a ramen restaurant; although there are other offerings on the menu, if you aren’t there for Ramen, why bother.  The chain began in Japan in 1985 by TV “Ramen King” Shigemi Kawahara.  Today it has expanded to more than 160 restaurant locations. The San Francisco version is the latest  and largest iteration of this NYC chain.

I wanted to check it out because it can be extremely difficult to find vegetarian ramen.  Ippudo has two options.  I ventured  there with Baby Ruth and two friends.  Be warned, they will not seat you until your whole party has arrived.  I found this slightly annoying especially considering the place virtually empty when we arrived.  

Also, they wanted me to park Ruth’s stroller somewhere random which I refused to do and we were thereforth banished to communal seating as an apparent punishment.  The hostess was not quite hostile but definitely wasn’t welcoming.

The waiter however was super cool and very knowledgeable.  The vegetarian ramen was delicious and the atmosphere made this Mama feel very chic and hip!

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