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Let’s face it.  We all have stress.  Some of us have more than others, but we ALL GOT IT!

I’m a single mom to a toddler.  I run several successful businesses.  I am in the midst of potty-training.  I also travel full-time with that toddler that I’m potty training!  LOL!

Did I also mention that their is a little virus spreading around the globe that is making lots of people very ILL?

Stress is REAL.

Luckily, I’ve found techniques that help me manage stress and one of them is meditation,
I am card-carrying member of the meditation club. 

Meditation has been practiced around the world for thousands of years. It is a technique used to quiet the mind and body, and release stress. 

It can also bring focus and clarity, and often, after meditating, problems that you have been struggling with, miraculously become solved. 

Meditation has also been known to inspire people to write, and to spur lucrative business ideas, as your subconscious comes to light.  

This simple meditation technique can help you to cope with stress, and discharge the tension that accumulates during stressful situations. 

Items Required:

A quiet room

Pillow (optional)

Comfortable chair (optional) 

BONUS TIP #1: Try to meditate in the same place every day. 

BONUS TIP #2: Personalize your spot, by beautifying it with candles, flowers, and pictures of the people that you love.

The idea is to sit quietly, with your eyes closed, and focus on a point inside of your forehead. Try not to think of anything in particular, but don’t try ‘not’ to think either, allowing your mind to become calm, and peaceful. If you find that your mind is ‘chattering’, don’t try to control it, just let it finish what it is that it is working on, it will eventually quiet down. 

If you are new to this or just super busy, start with ten to twenty-minute sessions, each day. After a while of doing this, you will start to feel deep relaxation and joy during these sessions.

(1) Sit in a quiet, comfortable spot, making sure you are facing a wall about eight feet away from you.

(2) Pick a spot or object on that wall, and make that spot or object your focal point. 

(3) Looking at your focal point, begin counting backward from 100, one number for each breath you exhale. 

(4) Imagine yourself floating, and feeling very relaxed. You will begin to feel your eyelids getting heavy, and may begin to blink. Let your eyes slowly close, and as you continue to count backward, imagine yourself as limp as a ragdoll, totally relaxed, and floating in a safe and comfortable place. 

(5) Stop counting, and just float in your space. If any disturbing thoughts should come while in your space, just let them flow out again, and allow yourself to continue to feel safe and relaxed. 

(6) When you are ready to come out of this meditation you can either let yourself drift off to sleep, or you can count from one to three and exit. 

First, count one, and get yourself ready to exit. At two, take a deep breath, and hold for a few seconds. At three, exhale and open your eyes slowly. As you open your eyes, continue to hold on to that relaxed and comfortable feeling.

You may then want to increase the length of your sessions to thirty minutes, or maybe even an hour. 

To combat the stressors of our daily lives, WE MUST find time for ourselves EACH and EVERY DAY!

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