A Guide to, Remote Work


Zoom is the new norm for everyone lucky enough to still be working.  And for seasoned digital nomads like myself, it has always been a reliable communication tool.   Here are some of my best tips to look your best on each and every Zoom call.

(1) Raise your laptop.  The camera on your laptop is on the top of your screen, so when you are looking at the screen you can appear odd.  To avoid place your laptop on a few books on your desk.  The change in angle will make a huge difference in how you present.

(2) Position yourself so that the light from your window is in front of you.  You want natural  light flooding your face, so never have the window behind you.   Natural light can literally light up your face.  If you don’t have natural light, take a lamp, remove the shade and place it behind your laptop. 

(3) Wear a solid bright color.  Blues, pinks and reds are especially  flattering to darker skin tones.  Avoid patterns completely.

(4) Avoid the resting bitch face when you aren’t speaking by writing a positive affirmation on a small post it note and taping to the up left corner of your screen..  Make sure it is a message that will make you smile every time you read it.  My post it says: Smile, you are gorgeous!

(5) Take a cold (yes cold) shower 30 minutes before the call.  Nothing will perk you up like a cold shower.  Trust me.

Happy video conferencing digital nomads, expats and remote workers!

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