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Why Every Globetrotting Entrepreneurial Black Woman Needs a Virtual Assistant

The average entrepreneur can find it difficult to manage operations; between managing employees and clients and following up on contracts, you barely have time to breathe. This is particularly the case with globetrotting entrepreneurs as they often struggle to find any time to grow. While hiring an assistant can help in this regard, a full-time dedicated assistant is not an option for entrepreneurs that travel a lot. For them, hiring a virtual assistant is recommended.

More and more globetrotting entrepreneurs are relying on virtual assistants to manage their business. Read on to better understand the importance of a virtual assistance and the primary reasons to hire one.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

As the name suggests, a virtual assistant (VA) offers remote support to entrepreneurs and businesses. In theory, a VA can do anything a globetrotting entrepreneurial black wneedsoman . Some virtual assistants work in social media management, design, marketing, and more, and others specialize in a particular industry, offering ongoing support to entrepreneurs in their chosen niche.

Why You Should Hire One

If you are a globetrotting entrepreneur with a growing list of clients, then hiring a virtual assistant could help streamline your business operations and accelerate growth. While you can perform many of the tasks assigned to a virtual assistant yourself, doing so wastes energy and time that you could use to fulfil client requests and generate more revenue.

Virtual assistants are a great solution for every globetrotting entrepreneurial black woman that has essential but time-consuming tasks that must be done such as travel arrangements, conference, invoicing, bookkeeping, etc. Following are some reasons to hire a virtual assistant:

Increased Productivity

In recent years, more employees have started working remotely not just because of the convenience and comfort, but because it is advantageous to the companies themselves. Studies suggest that remote employees have less turnover and they are also relatively more productive.

Virtual assistants have more flexibility and fewer distractions, giving them the freedom to adapt their schedules to satisfy the specific needs of an entrepreneur. They also don’t have to worry about long everyday commutes. A globetrotting entrepreneurial black woman looking to maximize efficiency from an assistant would, hence, be wise to have a virtual assistant creating a win-win for themselves and the assistant alike.

Money and Time Saving

Businesses that hire virtual assistants enjoy many benefits. Virtual assistants are cost-effective as they bill for hours worked. Furthermore, they also require minimal training time, and since they are not in the office, they don’t need additional space, electricity, food, etc. Apart from this, many virtual assistants operate as freelancers and send a monthly invoice. Because of this, traveling entrepreneurs that hire them are not responsible for taxes, vacation days, benefits, etc. This helps further reduce the money and time spent on managing an additional employee.

Maintaining Sanity

Managing day-to-day operations of the business can be very stressful, especially for globetrotting entrepreneurs. Virtual assistants can be used to alleviate that stress as they are capable of effectively managing clerical and other time-consuming tasks. Performing such duties by yourself or having them performed by an employee is not an efficient use of time. A VA skilled in such tasks will not get overwhelmed by them and will let you focus on growing your business. This will help keep stress and anxiety at bay and make the workflow seamless, hence creating a positive working environment for everyone.

Better Work-Life Balance

Many traveling entrepreneurs find it difficult to maintain a positive work-life balance because of the demands of daily life and work. The desire to be available 24/7 for clients is one particular trouble that virtually every globetrotting entrepreneurial black woman has. This causes many to work late, answer emails, and take calls at all hours of the day, which greatly impacts their personal lives. Since a virtual assistant can work from anywhere, you can increase your availability to clients by hiring one in a different time zone.

Virtual assistants let entrepreneurs maximize their time more efficiently by reducing the overall workload. Doing so creates a more enjoyable, less stressful work environment which in turn positively impacts everyone.

As you can see, there are several reasons why every globetrotting entrepreneur needs a virtual assistant. When hiring one, it is highly recommended that you outline the specific tasks that you want them to help you complete. In this way, it will become easier for you to understand if you want a general virtual assistant, industry-specific, or one that specializes in certain tasks. Outlining the tasks that you expect to be performed by the VA will help you choose the right virtual assistant as well as make sure that you get the additional help exactly where you need it.

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