A Guide to, Manifesting

5 Tips to Manifesting Love at Home and Abroad

We as humans were made to love.

It is in our DNA. We need to love and be loved.

Where we find love can vary. Some of us find it in friendships, others in being parents, still others in being pet owners and others with intimate partners. And we are happy.

But there are some of us who continue to seek out love, to invest in relationships and the outcome still continues to be the same – NADA, NOTHING at the end of it all.

I’ve manifesting lots of amazing things in my life and love is one of them, so I want you to dump the idea that you can’t find love.

One of my fav Rum quotes (and I know everyone is quoting Rumi nowordays) but one of my legit fav quotes is:

That which you seek is also seeking you!


Because I know in my hearts of 💞 hearts that it is TRUE. Finding lasting love is a journey. One that you can’t give up on. Nor can you grow impatient, because that slows your manifesting down.

Here are 5 Tips for manifesting lasting love, but be careful – THEY WORK!

(1) Gain Clarity: We all van go on for days about that dude or girl we used to date and how fucked up they were, how they did you wrong. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH.

Girlfriend, let that shit go. Seriously, LET IT FUCKING GO and LET THEM GO. You ain’t gotta chase what wasn’t meant for you, instead get clear on what you DO want. ‘Cause if you focus on all that went wrong and all the qualities you don’t like – guess what the universe will bring to you – MORE OF THE SAME!

(2) Journal about the person of your dreams. Be super specific about what you want. DO NOT FOCUS ON WHAT YOU DON’T WANT and DO NOT FOCUS ON physical appearance. Focus on what matters to you. DO you want a partner who enjoys deep and thoughtful conversations, or has a massive sense of humor. Do you want a partner who always wants to talk it out or one who is just quick to let things go. YOU GET TO DECIDE. BUT be careful in your choices, Write them in detail.

(3) Fill in the holes. Now that yo have clarity on what you in the words of the Spice Girls “really really want,” its time to do some self reflection. The purpose of a relationship is not to fill the holes, but to boost the full being that’s already there. So girlfriend, you are gonna have to work on YOU. “cause ain’t no partner gonna fix you. That work is yours. Be the person you want to fall in love with.

You want someone who sends you flowers, send your self flowers every week.

You want a partner who is patient, practice patience, even when you are in traffic behind someone going super slow. Empathize with what may or may not be going on in that person’s life to make them drive that damn slow.

If you want a vegan, stop eating meat!!

DO you get what I’m trying to say??? Like attracts like and so you want to do some serious self reflection and be the change you want to see in a partner.

(4) Back to the Journal again. Visualize your life with your partner. Do visualizations through meditation and through journaling. Write down everything about your experiences. And write in the present as if it is already yours

(5) Live in LOVE. Love attracts love, so you have to really love your life. Laugh. Live. Have fun. Do things that make you happy, The beautiful thing about manifesting is that yes, it is work, but it is all the right kind of work. It is riding the wave of positive energy, vibrations and love. Once you tap into that energy, the possibilities are endless, but you have to continuously go through the exercise of breathing in positivity and love and exhaling all the negative stuff. LET IT GO.

If you have read this far, you are a bad ass and I’m certain that you can do this. Do not rush the process. LOVE will find you, in fact it is already there. It always has been. Just allow yourself to be consumed by it and spectacular things will happen.

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