7 Questions to Ask Yourself to Dramatically Improve Your Life

Are you looking for ways to drastically improve your life? One of the biggest factors to successfully moving abroad is mindset. I’ve developed 7 Questions that you should spend AT LEAST an hour answering. These questions are designed to get you to a point where you understand your why and also you what. What do you want out of life and why? Please feel free to share your responses with me on social media. Use the hashtag #thejackieolife7questions and tag me and I will be sure to respond.

  1. How would I describe my finances? What changes in my behavior do I need to make in order to achieve my financial goals?

  2. How would I describe my health and fitness? What changes in my behavior do I need to make in order to achieve my goals in these areas?

  3. What are my top five goals? What habits should I eliminate to have a better chance of attaining these goals?

  4. What is my single, most important goal for the next 12 months? Why?

  5. In what areas of my life do I need the most work to be happy and content?

  6. Why have I failed in the past? What changes can I make to be more successful in the future?

  7. What are the primary ways I waste time? Which of these am I willing to give up?

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