I am a single Mom, full time traveler and entrepreneur.  I run an extremely successful consulting business where I help Black women live magical lives abroad,  Each of my  3 roles is a full-time job.  And sometimes, the workload can seem exhausting, but  I make it work because I love all three of my roles.  I’m a better mother because we travel full time and I get to travel full time with my daughter because I’m a successful entrepreneur. 

I have to make them all work.

I know many of you have aspirations of traveling full time and perhaps even becoming an entrepreneur.  Perhaps, you are partnered up or married.  Perhaps you are single with children.  In the end, it doesn’t matter.  

Everything you want out of life can still work out for you. But the realities and complexities of doing it all can be daunting. 

I’ve learned through the years that if I follow these key rules – I can travel the world,  make hella money and spend quality time with my family.  

Here are my 5 best tips for making it work!!

1. Establish Boundaries 

Be ruthless with boundaries you set.  If you don’t accept business calls after 6pm, DO NOT accept business calls after 6pm. If your morning ritual is from 4:30-6am, your morning ritual is from 4:30-6am, but if your spouse decides his/her’s is from 6am-8:30am, you better be hella ready to step in and support their practice as well.  You can’t establish boundaries for yourself and not accept and respect the boundaries of others, especially the people closest to you in life and love.

2, Be Hella Present

My time with my family is my time with my family.  My work time is my work time and my me time is my me time. I do NOT  mix the three.  Every thing that you love deserves your commit and utter attention.  Multi-tasking doesn’t work.   It you. are gonna do something or spend time with someone(s), do it completely.  

Schedule time with your family and/or loved ones that is JUST for them,    If you have a weekly game night, show up every week and fully commit.  Make it a priority.

3. Communicate!   Communicate! Communicate!

Communication means so many things.  It means over communicating to your clients.  

I over communicate to avoid misunderstanding.  If i have a 2 hour call and I need to be absolutely certain my daughter won’t disturb, I make this crystal clear to my nanny.

If I’m not going to make a. deadline for a client for whatever reason, I let the client know as far in advance as I can.

But communicating also means adjusting how you communicate with your family and friends!!

People like us are just different.   We are high performers.  We live by the motto – GSD – Get Shit Done!  We want more out of life.  And we think that other people should just naturally understand, especially the people we love most in the world.  Well, guess what? Many times they just DON’T and we have to accept that.  They may love us to the moon and back but our hustle maybe an enigma to them.

Let me give you an example from my person life.  I know that manifesting works.  I have seen how it has created abundance in my own life and for this I am extremely grateful.  I have an abundance mindset.  I’m proud of that.  My mother does not.  She is a card carrying member of scarcity mindset.   She never misses an opportunity to go on and on and on and on about what she doesn’t have or what is due to her.  It used to really bother me, even anger me when she didn’t get my hustle or when she obsessed over every dime, every month or kept returning to the casino week after week, each time proclaiming to the universe that she never wins (ask and yeh shall receive).  It used to cause me a lot of stress and negative feelings and I’m sure it did for her as well.   But then I learned 2 things:

– Let Go

So now when she goes on and on with her scarcity rants, I let her.  It isn’t up to me to change her.  I just close myself off to that part of her energy.  If she is ever ready to change her mindset, I will be waiting but I’m not going to absorb it anymore.   I do not let her mindset effect me. I let it go.


I also communicate. I let it be known when she has overstepped her boundaries  and communicate what I need for her based on what I know she is able to provide, which is never-ending love. My Mom is one of the most important people in my life, but she is not without her issues.  I have issues.  I accept that our issues are part of who we are, but I am actively working on mine.  I can’t save my mom from her demons.  She has to do that hard work when and if she is ever ready.  I just love her as she has loved me my entire life.  I have developed the tools to understand when her negativity is effecting my energy and cope in healthy and production ways.  I say my peace and move on. 

4. Plan! Plan! Plan!

I am militant with my calendar.   There are only so many hours in a day and I like to use them in the most time efficient way.  I want to maximize the time I spend with my daughter and minimize the time I spend on things I don’t enjoy.  I delegate ALOT.  My job as CEO of all my companies is to generate income, everything else can be delegated.I use online freelancers and other digital nomads to do some of this work.  There are people who enjoy SEO and better yet are phenomenal at it.  Why not say myself the 15 hours it would take for me to do it poorly and pay someone to do it well.

5. Get Enough Rest

I neither a good Mama or a stellar business woman when I don’t get enough sleep, so I go to bed at night.  If I do have late nights, they are rare and far between.  I go to sleep.  

Develop healthy sleep habits and stick with them.  You are your most important asset.  If you are sick or dead, nothing else matters, so devote the time you need to getting enough sleep.

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