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There are many hard challenges in life of a person. One such anxiety that generally people has but they do not show is that of traveling abroad where you do not know any person. But certainly you can cope with this anxiety and also can travel the world without and fear. 

Generally when you ask people about their travel dreams and grand plans but when they are asked why they don’t pursue them, they come up with plethora of excuses. With all that excuses, it is easier for them to stay in their comfort zone than to break out and travel.It’s a big step for them to step out of the door among people you do not know. There are some points that you can work upon to overcome your anxiety level: 

1. You are not the first person to travel abroad 

One thing that is most important to people is that when you are going abroad, there are lots of people who travelled and they ended up just fine. You will end up in one piece, and there is no reason you wouldn’t too. You are not the first person going abroad for studying, traveling, official trip, exploring jungles there is no reason to be afraid. You will end up meeting lovely people and making friends with them. 

2. You are capable like any other human 

You are very smart person, knows how to deal with situations and have enough sense of right and wrong. If other people can roam around the world, why can’t you. What makes you think that you lack some skill? There is no reason you can’t do what others can do. You are as good as everyone else.  

3. Responsibility is not a big deal 

One of the possible reasons is being responsible for yourself when you are with people you do not know. But just remember you are smart enough and responsible enough for yourself when you are among strangers. They are human beings too and can be very friendly even more than you think of. Generally their hospitality will rather make you feel how wrong you were about them, when you do not know them. 

4. Learn what to expect 

Be well prepared for the plans you are having. Take the help of internet to have full information about hotel. Plan beforehand about cruise ship or seating charts of your plane or train. So you can expect what people can be present to help you in case you need any information. Whenever you reach any new place ask for help desk information about anything you need like amenities or facilities.  

5. Visualize things beforehand 

In your mind visualize yourself in various situations that you are afraid of. Like picture yourself walking through airports, boarding plane, near some water body, meeting people and all that you can visualize. Imagine yourself effortlessly dealing with new people and city traffics. Visualizing all this will actually build some level of confidence in you and at the same time will decrease the stress. 

To overcome your fear, begin my planning and taking other precautionary measures, then channelize you energy to visualize positive outcomes. This ways you can build the confidence of traveling among new people and making friends with them.

 But remember you have to overcome your own fear. Strange places and people can turn into beautiful once in a lifetime experiencgood Do you want a life of regret or one well lived?  Then you have to remain open to learn from your experiences.  

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