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The Power of Self-Care: A Busy Single Black Mother’s Guide to Making Time for Joy

As a busy single Black mother of one, entrepreneur and doctoral student, I know how hard it is to find time for myself. But making time for joy and happiness is essential to my well-being. Here’s how I make time for myself.

The Importance of Self-Care for Busy Single Black Mothers

As a busy single Black mother of one, entrepreneur and doctoral student, I know the importance of self-care. But between work, school and taking care of ny home and family, it can be hard to find time for myself. That’s why I’ve learned to make time for joy and happiness.

I start my day with a quick workout to get my blood flowing and your energy up. I take a few minutes to myself to meditate or pray, even if it’s only for five minutes. I make a point to schedule in at least one activity each weekend that’s just for me, whether it’s watching my favorite show, going for a walk or reading a book.

By making time for myself, I’m ensuring that I’m healthy and happy—both physically and mentally. And that makes me a better mom, wife, business woman and friend.

Tips for Creating a Healthy Work-Life Balance

You may also be a busy Black mother . You don’t have time for yourself. You barely have time to sleep. How do you make time for joy and happiness?

Here are a few tips:

First, find a support system. Lean on your friends and family for help when you need it.

Second, take some time for yourself every day. even if it’s just 10 minutes. Use that time to do something that makes you happy, like reading, taking a walk or listening to your favorite podcast.

Third, carve out some time each week to do something fun with your partner or child. whether it’s going out to eat, seeing a movie or playing a game, make sure to set aside some time just for you two.

Fourth, remember that it is OK to say no. If you don’t have the time or energy to take on another project, don’t be afraid to say no. You’re only human, and you can’t do it all.

Prioritizing Self-Care Activities for Maximum Productivity

The truth is, you can’t pour from an empty cup. You need to take care of yourself in order to be your best self for your loved ones. That means making time for activities that bring you joy and make you happy.

So how do you fit self-care into a busy schedule? It starts with prioritizing. What are the things that are most important to you? What makes you feel good? Once you have a list of priorities, start fitting those activities into your schedule.

Can’t get away for a full weekend? Dedicate an hour each day to something that relaxes and rejuvenates you. Taking a yoga class or reading your favorite book are both great options. And if you can’t do it alone, find a friend or family member who can join you.

The bottom line is that it’s important to make time for yourself, even if it’s only a little bit at a time. The benefits will be evident in every area of your life.

Planning Ahead and Setting Realistic Goals

It is so important for busy Black mothers to plan ahead and set realistic goals. By taking the time to plan ahead, you can reduce the stress of constantly trying to juggle your many life roles. It is also important that you set realistic goals, so that you don’t become overwhelmed and give up before actually starting a task.

I have found that making a list the night before of what tasks I need to complete the following day has helped me stay on track with my day-to-day responsibilities. Setting aside a few minutes each night to do this has been a great way for me to prioritize and make sure I am getting done all of the necessary tasks at hand.

In addition, I have found it helpful to break down bigger projects into smaller tasks that can be completed in short bursts of time, like 10 or 20 minutes here and there throughout my day. Taking it one step at a time helps me stay focused and motivated in my efforts. Finally, making sure I take frequent breaks throughout my day helps me stay energized, which helps me be more productive overall!

How to Make Time for Joy and Happiness in Your Daily Life

As a busy single Black mother of one, entrepreneur and doctoral student, I understand how easy it is to get caught up in the grind of life. But I also know how important it is to make time for joy and happiness in my daily life, no matter how hectic things get.

I make sure to add small moments of joy throughout the day. Every morning I have my chai latte and breakfast in front of a window, so I can take a few moments to admire the sun rising and enjoy some quiet time. That helps me to recenter and prepare for my day ahead.

I also take 10 minutes each evening to write down 3 positive things that happened that day. This helps me appreciate all that I’ve achieved, while still keeping an eye on the future. On weekends, I make sure to schedule time with friends or family, or have some alone time creating art or watching something funny online for a good laugh.

No matter how busy your schedule is, it’s always important to carve out some time during the day for yourself and do something that brings you joy and happiness. So don’t forget—take care of yourself first!

Taking Care of Yourself Amidst the Chaos

Being a busy Black mother doesn’t mean that self-care has to be an afterthought. It doesn’t have to mean sneaking in 30 minutes of “me time” here and there. Taking care of yourself and carving out space for joy amidst the chaos is an important part of managing the busy lifestyle that almost all mothers face.

It’s absolutely doable — with the right mindset. I’m a firm believer in the power of positive self-talk, and I’ve found that this helps me not only stay motivated, but also set aside specific time just for me. With a little bit of planning, I can make sure I have some much-needed time to relax, reflect, meditate or even catching up on my favorite TV show without feeling guilty about it.

I also have some non-negotiables in place like getting 7–8 hours of sleep on weeknights no matter what and making sure I’m eating healthy balanced meals too. Taking care of myself mentally and physically helps keep me grounded and energized for my days ahead — no matter how hectic they may become.

The take-away is this: even when life feels like it’s spiraling out of control, it’s important to take a step back, assess what’s important, and make time for yourself. That doesn’t mean you have to neglect your responsibilities, but it does mean that you should make a concerted effort to find time for joy and happiness, even if it’s just for a few minutes each day.

You are not alone. As a busy Black woman, you are in good company. There are countless other women and mothers who are juggling a career, a family, and all the other obligations that come with them. The key is to find what works for you and to stick with it.

So, take a deep breath, put on your favorite song, and start planning your self-care routine. It’s time to take care of you.