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10 Mindset Shift to Immediately Transform Your Life

10 Mindset Shifts to Immediately Transform Your Life

I’m a huge fan of the Rumi quote:
That which you seek, is also seeking you!

Also that’s why these mindset shifts have been transformational in helping me step into my dream life of travel.

(1) Yes, I can

These are some of the most powerful words in the English language and by shifting your mindset from thinking something is impossible to thinking of course, you can. Also miraculous things begin to happen and the universe begins opening doors to bring you closer to your dreams.

(2) Claim it, it’s already yours.

The beautiful thing about manifestation is that it only requires a belief that what you want is your and action in that direction. Then the universe starts doings its magic. Also no matter what, if you keep believing and keep moving forward, what you want will appear to you. It is already yours.

(3) Practice Gratitude

Being thankful for things both big and small is one of the single biggest things you can do to raise your positive vibrations and attract even more happiness and abundance.

I have a daily gratitude practice that I do EVERY day, because there are ALWAYS things to be thankful for.

Take 5-10 minutes when you first wake up and write down in a journal everything you are thankful for.

It can be as simple as:

I am thankful for waking up.

I am thankful for my super long legs.

I’m thankful for my beautiful baby.

I’m thankful for my O squad.

Tell the universe what you want to see more of, by telling the universe what you are thankful for and tell yourself what makes you happy

(4) Make time every day to do the things you love

I do the things I love (PERIOD).

Life is short.

Regret can run deep.

I love being an entrepreneur and I can spend 15 hours a day working on my businesses, but I also love being a mom, gardening, traveling, and exploring new places, so I make time for the things I love each and every day.

I spend an hour gardening every morning. The time is scheduled into my calendar. I NEVER schedule over it. It is my time.

What do you love to do? And how are you going to incorporate it into your life EVERY day.

(5) Say goodbye to things and people that no longer serve your energy and wish them well

Over the last few years, I’ve ended A LOT of relationships. Why? Because there is a time and a season for everyone and everything. Also toxic people, beget toxicity and misery loves company.

I choose my own joy and happiness again and again. And so should you too.

Ending relationships with toxic friends, family members, partners, associates doesn’t means you wish them ill-will. Also you thank them for the role they played in your life, you wish them the best and you move on.

Auntie Maya told us:

When people show you who they are, believe them.

(6) Journal every day

I’m a notebook carrying member of the journaling club. Also I believe in the power of putting thoughts down on paper and so each morning, I write down my perfect life – now what I wish for but I claim it as mine and write down my dreams as if they are already happening. And to be honest, they are. You are reading this article.

(7) Stretch at least 3 times a day

Also our bodies were meant to move. Movement is life. Also make stretching an important habit by stretch for 10-15 minutes 3 times a day. Though you don’t have to be a yoga enthusiast or way into fitness to make stretching part of your life style.

Simply, set reminders for yourself and do simple stretches. Also i stretched for 3 minutes while writing this article.

10 Mindset Shift to Immediately Transform Your Life

(8) Surround Yourself with Positive Affirmations

Though words are powerful. Also if you can surround yourself with positive words then it is so much easier to have and maintain positive thoughts and actions.

10 Mindset Shift to Immediately Transform Your Life

(9) Change your background image of your phone, to an image of your dream life

It sounds simple and it is. Also simple switch out you current background image and add your dream location, thing, etc.

10 Mindset Shift to Immediately Transform Your Life

(10) Smile often.

Though smiles are powerful. There is actual science to support the power of smiling. Also Smiles release chemicals into the body that tell it to experience happiness. And we all deserve to be happier, so SMILE.

10 Mindset Shift to Immediately Transform Your Life