7 Ways to Arrange Your Life to Support Your Goals

If you want to move abroad, you have to be committed. Just like anything in life, being wishy washy will get you no where fast. Apply this advice to moving abroad as well as any other aspect of your life.

The key is arranging your life to support your goals and creating a domino effect where all aspects of your life will be working together – to achieve your goal(s)!

Yes, arranging your life around your goals helps you create the exact life you want!

Use these strategies to make it happen:

  1. Define your goals. Know your goals. This is always the first step. Success isn’t an accident. You can manifest ANY life you want good or bad. But to get the good stuff, you need vision and intention.
  2. Visualize exactly what you want in great detail. If you know the country you want to move to – write down in a journal everything you see, hear, smell, taste, and feel while you are there, even if you have never actually been there, write as if you have. Claim it as though you are already living it.
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Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi on Pexels.com
  1. Surround Yourself with People who Support Your Goals. People matter. They are the energy that can either fuel or deplete you. Are you around people that are supportive of your goals? If not, you need to make a change. You can spend time with others that make you more likely to be able to live your purpose, or you can spend your time with those that make it less likely for you to live the life you truly want.

● Are there others you need to connect with in order to achieve your goals? Invite new people into your circle that will support your goals.

● You can only spend time with a certain number of people. As they say, you become like the people you spend the most time with. Are you spending time with the right people?

  1. Diet. If you want to run a marathon, that’s a different diet than someone that wants to win a bodybuilding contest. Do you need a lot of energy, or do you need a lot of focus? What type of diet allows you to do your best work?

● Experiment with several diets and pay attention to how they impact you physically and mentally.

● Track how you spend your time each day and see what you discover.

  1. Home. Are you living in the right city, neighborhood, or home to best pursue your goals? For example, it would be very difficult to become the world’s greatest skier while living in Antigua. Where do you need to be to maximize the odds of your success?

● Should you be living in the city or the country?
● Asia or Africa or Central/South America?
● Condo or farm?
● Near the mountains or the ocean?
● Alone or with others?

  1. Career. Are you making enough money to pursue your goals? Is your career helping or hurting your efforts?

● For example, if you need to be free during the day to pursue your goals, then an evening job makes more sense than a day job.

● If your current job or career path doesn’t support the life you want, research one that will and make plans to pursue that path.

Big goals require the coordination of every aspect of your life. If you want to run a 10K, you can work that around your current schedule. If you want to become a billionaire, it’s going to take more than that.

How big are your goals? How serious are you about achieving them? Are you ready to arrange your life to support your goals? You can get started today!