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8 Tips to Keep You Safe as a Black Woman Living Abroad

8 Tips to Keep You Safe as a Black Woman Living Abroad

It’s exciting to kick up your heels and roam the world. But for any black woman living abroad, it helps to know a few tips and tricks to stay safe. While most places you’ll visit have very friendly people, there are always a few bad seeds out there. Add to that the color of your skin and you could be an even bigger target for their scams.

Wherever you go, every black woman living abroad needs these 8 tips. 

1. Register with your home embassy or state department

No matter where you’re from, make your first order of business to register with your government abroad before you even leave home soil. This will help give you an added measure of safety and protection should you need anything.

2. Know that it’s ok to say “no”

You’ll meet many people as a black woman living abroad and the majority of them will be wonderful. But there will be times when someone makes you feel uncomfortable. Listen to your intuition and don’t be afraid to decline their invitations.

3. Consider safety tools

Something as small and simple as a whistle could save your life. One toot from that and you could scare off a roving pack of dogs or a criminal.

4. Find out what the locals think

The internet is such a great tool for connecting with people around the world. Before you go abroad, you can connect with the local women in the area you’ll be living or visiting. They can give you even more insight to the area to help keep you safe.

5. Never walk alone at night

This tip isn’t just for any black woman living abroad. It’s for ANY woman, ANYWHERE. Sad to say, it’s still not a good idea to walk alone at night. Stay in groups to be safe and never take dimly-lit side streets.

6. Know local emergency numbers

Hopefully, you’ll never need it, but knowing who to call can save you time and stress should an emergency arise. 

7. Always keep a buddy system

Whether you have friends in your new abroad location or not, create a buddy system to check in each day. Give them your itinerary so they know where they can find you if need be. And if they don’t hear from you in a certain amount of time, they’ll know to contact authorities to get help.

8. Stand up for yourself

Even when you’re doing everything right, there will be people who take notice of your skin color. In some locations, the cultures are more homogenous and your black skin stands out. They’re usually curious though sometimes, you may be confronted by men. Speak up and shout out. Make a fuss and that person will likely back down when you have caused everyone around to turn and stare.

With these tips, every black woman living abroad will be safer. Always stay alert and ready as you enjoy your travels!