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Why I’m Completely Okay With Not Traveling Until the Pandemic is Over

I am a mother who is typically traveling full-time.

Any yet, during the pandemic (which is not over by the way), I have made the decision to stop traveling and stay put.

For me, the decision was easy.

Oh and yes, I am vaccinated.

I believe in vaccinations, so if you do not, this probably is not the site for you.

I believe in science and thus does not dismiss the inhumane and barbaric actions that the scientific community had done to communities of color around the world.

Yet, I believe that COVID-19 is real and the best way to protect yourself is with a vaccination.

I am not traveling for two reasons:

(1) My daughter is too young to be vaccinated and risking her health and well-being IS NEVER worth it to me.

(2) There are so many communities in the world especially indigenous communities who do not have access to the vaccine yet, I refuse to be a vector for the transmission of disease to these populations when I could easily protect them by staying home.