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5 Essentials To Make the Jetsetting Life Better!

Okay O Squad, I’m not flying right now, but I know some of you are so today I am going to break down some five airport, essential hacks that you need to know if you are going to be a digital nomad, move abroad, or just travel an awful lot.

(1) Check in online. (Ain’t nobody got time to check in at the airport)

Do not wait till you get to the airport to check in, do not do it, check in online, save yourself the aggravation.

If you need to pay a baggage fee. Pay it online because it is typically a lot cheaper, and it makes the process of checking in, when you get to the airport, a lot quicker. So, take my advice, check in online.

(2) Airport lounges are bae.

You read correct. They are BAE, especially if you are traveling with a child – just get a membership if you are join more than 10 flights a year.

Get a Priority Pass or a membership to a VIP airport lounge where you can chill, relax. Sometimes they have food, you can get a cartel. And usually it’s all included or a great discount rate, and some of those lounges, even have sleep rooms which you can rent out, especially if you have a longer layover which is just the part where you can go to sleep, you and your children or you by yourself or you and your partner for a couple hours. They are wonderful, get them. Tip number three, bring your own snacks Baby, I’m telling you guys airport snacks one are hella expensive. Although, lots of times they are free. In the VIP airport lounges so see above if you don’t have a membership get one, but bring snacks are just a lot more diverse you can make a lot cooler stuff, just think outside the box and make really cool snacks, what I do for my daughter is I put a variety of little snacks and a bento box and just let her go to town. When we get on a plane. And if you want more tips on traveling with a child particularly slow child with a child, click these following links tag get them. My next tip guys may seem like a no brainer. but lots of people don’t know about this.

(4) Guys, you should also always have when you’re at the airport a portable charger. Now one of
those little teeny tiny ones guys but a super duper charger.

(5) And if you want to make friends at the
airport. Also make sure that you have one of those little boxes that you can plug into a plug, and
four or five people can use it because everyone at the airport will love you if you have one. Trust
me, from a girl who has been traveling the world for 25 plus years this is my go to and all of my
carry on bags wherever I go in the world. I always make sure I have one of these things they are
just worth their weight in gold.