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Creating a Sacred Space – A Beginner’s Guide to Crystals in the Home

Creating a Sacred Space – A Beginner’s Guide to Crystals in the Home 

Our spaces have the power to impact and influence us. With us all staying at home more, we might have felt this in our own spaces, both good and bad. But did you know you have the power to change your space as well? One of the ways you can do this is by creating a sacred space

Sacred spaces are areas that are energetically high. These spaces often promote peace, clarity, and are used as meditation corners. A great way to set up a sacred space is through the use of crystals. 

Before you dive into learning how to set up your space with the help of crystal energy, it is important to understand a bit of background on crystals themselves. 

History of Crystals 

Despite the recent popularity with stones among the New Age community, crystals have been used for centuries, and throughout the world. Ancient cultures such as the Mayans and Egyptians understood the healing and energetic properties of crystals, and would use them in various ways, from ceremonious rituals to amulets of protection. Later civilizations, such as the Greeks and Romans, also used crystals for similar reasons. Practically every culture has a connection with stones. 

Crystal Types 

There are hundreds upon hundreds of different crystals in our earth. New crystals are discovered every day, growing this amount even more. With all the different types of crystals out there, there are different types of energies. This is because each crystal is unique in its crystalline structure and energetic makeup. There are high frequency crystals, like amethyst and celestite, that connect to our own higher frequencies. There are also lower vibrational stones like black tourmaline and red jasper that resonate with lower vibrations and connect to our lower chakras, such as our root. 

To learn about the range of stones, there are websites and books that go through detailed descriptions. It would be a wise idea to start learning a few common ones. Then, slowly start to broaden your crystal knowledge. 

Crystal Shapes

As different crystals contain different energies, so do their shapes. Each shape works with the energy of a crystal in a specific way. For example, a geode will help in containing a crystal’s energy, while a tower with help to amplify that crystal’s energy in a certain direction. Here are the common types of crystal shapes and how they work with energy.

Cubes – Cubes are good for grounding and containing energy. Placing cubes in the corners of a room also acts to protect the space.

Pyramids – Pyramids helps to preserve energy for a very long time, then amplify it. Ancient Egyptians and Aztecs understood this and built their centers of worship with this shape.

Spheres – Perfectly even all around, spheres help to amplify energy evenly in all directions. They work in bringing peace, balance, and relaxing energies into the environment. 

Clusters – Clusters, due to their multiple points, resonate at especially high frequencies. These helps in amplifying and harmonizing a space. 

Geodes – Resembling caves, geodes work in containing and storing energy. They will hold energy for a very long time. 

Crystal Grids and Creating a Sacred Space

Now that you have a bit more understanding on crystals, we can now start to work with them in our homes. When doing this, we are creating crystal grids. This is the act of placing crystals around our homes in various patterns and layouts to help direct the energy of the stones.

First Set your Intention

What is it you are wanting to create for your space? Is it more peace? Motivation in achieving your dreams? Bringing in more love? The first thing to do is to figure this intention out so that you can set up a proper grid and sacred space for this energy to grow. 

A good idea for helping you get to the heart of your intentions is through journaling. Take five minutes a day to free write in a diary. Do this for a few days or however long it is for you to figure out your intention. When we free write, our egos let go so that our souls and higher selves can talk to us in direct ways. Looking back on your journal entries, you will begin to see themes and patterns to what our higher selves truly want.

Laying Out the Grid

When you first start gridding, it is best to start out small. Set up a small altar in the corner of a room, such as your bedroom. This will help to focus in the crystal’s energy. It is wise to not get too complex. Keep your grid simple with a few stones, patterns, or placements. Just because it is small and simple does not mean it will have any less of an impact. 

With this knowledge and information, you will be able to create a sacred space to best suit your energetic needs. Have fun!