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Black Women Living Abroad: Practical Tips for Travel With a Toddler

I initially published this article in Travel Noire, but have since updated it. It's purpose is to help Black women live abroad or travel full-time with children. I'm a single mom abroad and I love supporting other moms. I have dedicated my career to helping Black women move abroad. Are you ... READ the POST

Black and Abroad: 17 Easy Things To Do During Covid19 Restrictions to Prepare to Successfully Move Abroad

So You Are a Black Woman Who Wants to be Black and abroad?  You deserve to be a Black woman living abroad. You are magical and your life should be too. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm a Black woman living abroad and even more importantly, I'm a Black woman thriving abroad. In fact, I ... READ the POST

Black & Abroad: 8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Move Abroad

7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before you Move Abroad Many people dream of moving abroad or traveling the world full-time. They have a long list of reasons why they want to move. I starting living abroad and traveling the world over 25 years ago and I have zero regrets about doing it. I ... READ the POST

8 Tips to Keep You Safe as a Black Woman Living Abroad

8 Tips to Keep You Safe as a Black Woman Living Abroad It’s exciting to kick up your heels and roam the world. But for any black woman living abroad, it helps to know a few tips and tricks to stay safe. While most places you’ll visit have very friendly people, there are always a few bad seeds out ... READ the POST